I'm an independent web designer from Portland, Oregon. I design websites for small businesses that look good, reflect your brand, and appeal to your target market.

Website Design
Each website I build is designed to communicate the strength of your brand.

Optimization across a variety of platforms will help you reach the right audience.

Video Editing
Make your next video project shine with editing that shows off your best qualities.


My interest in web design was sparked in 2001, when I went to Web Camp, a summer program that was aimed at teaching kids the basics of web design. From then on, I was hooked. After college, I got a job at a marketing company, where I learned how to use web design effectively to help small businesses connect with their audience.



MedWhys is an online platform that provides both a resource and communication network for both patients and pharmacists. They provide a vast database with thousands of medications on file, which is searchable through the MedWhys Pill Identifier. We built all of this functionality on a design that needed to be sleek, clean, and easy to use.

Mind Matters, P.C.

Mind Matters PC is a psychiatric clinic that specializes in treating children, adolescents and families. They wanted a design that stayed consistent with the colors in their logo while keeping a design that was professional, yet inviting to patients.

Hometown Exterior Designs

Hometown Exterior Designs specializes in remodeling and home improvement projects including siding, windows, stone accents, and more. The objective of this project was to create a site that promoted their experience as one of their most important aspects. Additionally, we created videos intended for customers to walk them through the remodeling process.

View remodeling video

Joseph LaParne Agency

Joey asked our team to design a website for his insurance agency that was simple, easy to navigate, and fit an umbrella theme to represent the inclusive nature of his coverage.

Basic Solutions

Basic Solutions is a business that offers a wholesale SMS platform, among other services. My first web design project was to design and build a website that would allow them to market B2B, while communicating their level of professionalism.

D'Vida Clinic

D’Vida is an injury clinic that specializes in chiropractic care and a holistic approach to recovery. Their website was designed to reflect the warm and inviting atmosphere of their clinic.

Beaverton Foods

Beaverton Foods is the nation’s largest producer of specialty mustards and authentic wasabi. The design we settled on was one that reflects both their rich history, and the look of their product labels, fitting in with the unified design of their brand.

Motorcycle Travel America

MTA is a comprehensive social networking site that allowed motorcycle enthusiasts to connect and manage every aspect of their hobby. The end result is one of the most extensive websites our team had ever designed. One of the most important features we built was a customized map system that I designed. Another feature was a weekly promotional newsletter that I designed and wrote.

Shop NJ Global

NJ Global is an online store for electronics. The goal of the project was to design a website that is able to pull product information from multiple existing databases while maintaining a clean and sleek design throughout their website.


The Beaverton Hispanic Center

The BHC is a cultural resource center. They organized the Fiesta Latina, an event that celebrated Latin culture, and they asked me to create a promotional video for their 2014 event. I used footage and interviews taken from the previous year’s event, as well as an interview with Denny Doyle, Beaverton’s mayor.

The Beaverton Education Foundation

The BEF is a non-profit organization that raises money for academic enrichment programs that aren’t covered by school funding. They asked me to create a short documentary that highlighted both the success they’ve had raising money, and the continuing need for donations.

The Biker Diva

The Biker Diva was to be an independently produced reality show focusing on the life of Teri Anderson. Before the show was ultimately cancelled, we had created a music video that used the show’s full theme in order to promote it. The video features scenes of the local Portland band Hammerz Down playing alongside Teri at the Oregon coast.


When John Steele contacted us about creating a commercial entry for Doritos’ 2013 Crash the Super Bowl Challenge, our team aided in coming up with the concept, as well as creating the video. The next year, John contacted us again to create the commercial entry for the 2014 challenge. Both videos are laden with special effects. The 2013 entry includes a custom made whale prop that spouted water, and the 2014 entry used heavy green screen work, as well as masking the rope and harness worn by one of the actors.

View 2014 contest entry video
Fenders Moto Café

Fenders Moto Café is a restaurant and pub that caters to motorcycle enthusiasts. After using their establishment as a filming location for another project, they hired our team to film a commercial for them. This video was used on their website to promote their business.

Two Wheels One Love

Two Wheels One Love is an apparel store, and an integral part of the Rider Up Motorcycle Fund, which is a non-profit organization that donates money to support U.S. veterans within the motorcycle community. In order to support their Mission 950 campaign, I was asked to create an ad intended for the web, both on YouTube, and to be played on streaming internet radio. I not only edited the video, but the concept was mine as well. The premise was for a piece of viral marketing that mimicked other videos commonly seen on YouTube.